Lifetime Impact is designed to manage, develop, and produce live events and speakers/singers with a focus on empowerment, restoration, and entertainment that educates audiences of all ages and backgrounds about the difference between worldly and biblical principles and how to practically apply those principles to our lives. Our presentations cover a multitude of impactful themes including facing your fears, putting on the armor of God, using your faith to take your next step, and living out true excellence in your day-to-day life. Lifetime Impact strives to awaken the hearts of our audiences, to highlight the gifts, talents, and strengths unique to each person, and to inspire renewed dedication to each person’s God-given purpose in this world.

Lifetime Impact Live Events is a Tennessee Non Profit Organization that develops live events which embody the characteristics described above.

Lifetime Impact Group LLC is a Tennessee Limited Liability Company that manages speakers and singers and develops ancillary materials (ie: books and CDs) to supplement what is taught at the live events.