Freedom Fighters

Freedom Fighters is a must see event for the entire family. This high-energy training experience is full of fun, laughs, music, and Biblical teachings designed to help you fight your fears God’s way. You will learn the WHO-WHAT-WHERE-WHEN-WHY-HOW to fight and be victorious! We all need to live in the Freedom that Jesus died to give us. IT’s TIME FOR YOU TO JOIN THE FREEDOM FIGHTERS and be a DIFFERENCE MAKER!

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Bravehearted Girls

A high energy experience designed for parents and girls ages 5-12. Through games, music, biblical teaching, and whole lot of fun, young girls and their parents will learn about Faith in the King, the Armor of God, and how Prince Jesus brings the Warrior and the Princess together!

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Adonis Lenzy

Adonis Lenzy is a pastor and speaker for conferences, organizations, and church groups, with more than twenty years of experience. Adonis has developed a unique style of communicating in creative, illustrative, and humorous ways to people from all walks of life—crossing ethnic, denominational, and cultural barriers. Whether speaking or writing, his message will no doubt inspire, motivate, and equip audiences for next-level living. Adonis’ new book, NEXT, is available to order now!

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NEXT will help you get “unstuck” and provide practical ways to actually live your dreams! “It’s never too late to make your NEXT days your BEST days!”

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